Have You Ever Found a Diamond Ring?

That would be amazing right?

Unfortunately, it is the opposite that often happens.

According to source Neighborhood Scout, there were over 6600 burglaries in Connecticut in 2020. It’s easy to think that no one could ever break into your home. That having a dog, fence, or even a security system can prevent break ins

And unfortunately, with costs rising everywhere, sometimes the crime rate can also increase. 

Instead of “putting your head in the sand,” it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Forbes suggests readers avoid these potential mistakes by knowing what your policy covers – and what it does not.  While reading a Homeowners Insurance policy can be confusing, talking with your agent is key. Your agent also can help you update your policy to meet changes in your life to include any new items like jewelry, art, and other high end luxury items. 

If a loss happens, you want a record of what you own and its value.  This makes filing a claim easier to document and prove. So contact us if you want to review your current policy to ensure that all of your precious items are covered!

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