When 1 Second is Really 4 Seconds

We all say that we don’t do it right?

But when that little “ding” goes off… it can be hard to resist looking at your phone, even if you are driving your car. 

According to a recent online Forbes article, when you’re texting and driving, you’re distracted in three ways: visually, manually and cognitively. What does this mean?

  • When you change the station on your radio, you often don’t realize how long your eyes are diverted from the road. 
  • Referring to a map while driving can take seconds to refocus your attention back on the road. 
  • Checking your mirror, looking for a dropped item, or even drinking your coffee can alter your reaction time. 

How many accidents are caused by texting and driving?

In 2020, distracted driving claimed 3142 people according to 2020 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data. 

What can you do to protect you and others?

Try to keep your phone in your glove compartment while you are driving. Use hands free devices so that your attention is focused on your surroundings. And educate your family on the dangers of texting while driving – it’s important for them to recognize that it can happen to anyone. 

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