Thankful Preparation

Sometimes we don’t realize how thankful we are until something unfortunate happens to someone around us. Soon after, our intuition often kicks in and tells us to do a quick “gut check” on how we can protect ourselves. 

Hopefully a few things come to mind like:

  • Is my car in working order and is the insurance up to date?
  • When was the last time we did a maintenance check throughout our home? 

With many of the holidays around the corner, we often tighten the purse strings right? 

Why not give the gift of safety?

Here is a quick winter guide when it relates to home and auto insurance, compliments of our family to yours!

HOME Insurance:

  • Do a safety check on all fire and carbon monoxide alarms throughout the house
    • GIFT IDEA: updated alarms for new parents, aging friends, a new homeowner?
  • Shutoff all water supply units to the exterior of the home
    • GIFT IDEA: new water hoses along with a gift card to a hardware store
  • Clean all dryer vents
    • GIFT IDEA: a new dryer! Or a cool vacuum head attachment for cleaning dryers?
  • Make sure that all window safety locks are in working order
    • GIFT IDEA: a gift card for a cleaning service
  • Stock up on ice melt and shovels
    • GIFT IDEA: Who wouldn’t love some of those new ergonomic shovels?!
  • Inspect all gutters
    • GIFT IDEA: A new ladder! Now that will be fun to wrap. 

AUTO Insurance:

  • Schedule winter maintenance check
    • GIFT IDEA: Gift card to a auto service garage
  • Stock car with emergency supply kit – all of the below make excellent GIFT IDEAS!
    • Water
    • Medicine
    • Phone Charger
    • Non-perishable food
  • Ensure that ice scrapers are in working order
    • GIFT IDEA: Ice Scrapers of course!!
  • Keep your gas tank above ¼ tank at all times
    • GIFT IDEA: Now who wouldn’t love a few gift cards to gas stations?!
  • Make sure all tires are inflated and have ample tread
    • GIFT IDEA: Travel tire pressure gauge

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