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Renters Insurance

We are an Independent & Progressive Insurance Agency

There are many reasons why someone will choose to rent their home:

  • They are just starting out on their own (with or without roommates).
  • They are a young couple that will be looking to buy a house in the future, but not right now.
  • They have a busy lifestyle and simply are not in their home long enough to justify the costs of ownership.
  • They like apartment living to take advantage of not having to do the lawn or repair the roof for something more important in their lives…like a career or a hobby!

Yes, there are many more reasons but as an Independent Agency we know that far too many renters believe they don’t need insurance protection because they don’t own their dwelling.  We are here to say that thinking could possibly be the biggest financial mistake you make in your life.  Here are some risk examples as to why:

  • Liability claims from guests who visit your home.  In today’s litigious and high medical cost society, it is not uncommon to hear from a lawyer if someone is injured on your property.
  • Theft of your possessions.  Just like a Homeowners or Condominium policy, you have valuables that would be hard to replace should they be stolen.
  • Fire or water damage to your possessions.

These are a few of the big reasons why Renters Insurance makes sense.  As a progressive insurance agency we will do the legwork for you by getting the right insurance plan in place for your unique needs based on your stage of life.

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While many renters are looking for cheap renters insurance, our agency will be looking to place you with the most cost-effective Renters Insurance that gives you the best protection as well.

We never know when the accident or mishap will occur, but being in business since 1969, we certainly know life happens and having the right protection plan in place can make you financially whole again.

At the Keating Agency, we treat you like one of our own family members because we ask the questions that need to be answered so you don’t have any negative financial surprises later.

As a consumer you can settle for cheap insurance or you can work with a progressive insurance agent that has kept up with the unique needs our Renters Insurance clients face so you get the best in both coverage and value.

Happy Independence Day!

We are an independent insurance agency because we believe consumer choice only happens with multiple renters insurance companies to choose from.

As we approach our 50th year in business, our licensed agents have the knowledge, training and experience to offer you the best insurance choices.

You can find renters insurance quotes all day long, but can you find the quality and caring that the Keating Agency will give you before, during and after the sale?  We have a client retention rate of 90%+ for a very simple reason…because we care about our clients personal and financial well-being.

Life happens and we want you to relish every second of it by not worrying if you are covered by your current renters insurance.  We love insurance and will worry about it for you!

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