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Umbrella Insurance

We are an Independent & Progressive Insurance Agency

Our clients have come to realize that your future financial stability and safety requires more than a progressive auto and home insurance plan to truly be protected by the unknowns that life can throw at us.

What do they know that you may not?  That an Umbrella can literally protect you from financial ruin.

No, not the one that will protect your shirt from water ruin, we are talking about a policy that gives you more liability coverage over and above what your Auto and Home (or Condominium or Renters) insurance provides.

Because we are independent agency, we can look at many different options when it comes to your Umbrella Policy which means we have been able to protect millions of dollars worth of client assets over the years.

Get the Right Umbrella Insurance Advice from Keating Agency

When we discuss an Umbrella insurance policy with our client, we are talking about protection from really bad claims that are above your Auto or Home policy limits.  It’s planning protection against the worst case scenarios of everyday live.

Take a moment to think about some of these reasons why a $1,000,000 or higher Umbrella Limit means the difference between financial ruin or being able to make those you injured whole again without losing everything:

  • You drive your child’s friends to and from dance class or sports practice every week, not really thinking much about it.  But, you get t-boned turning into the parking lot with bodily injury to all in your car.
  • You pet dog is a happy member of your family, but the delivery man surprises her and she instinctively bites to protect you.  The injury is serious causing multiple surgeries and loss of work for the delivery man.
  • Your always keep the gate to your pool locked so the neighbor’s kids can’t get in, but you forgot that one time and it all happened so fast.

Life happens and the need for an Umbrella is to protect against the “catastrophic” type claims that your actions or lack of actions may cause.  It is our duty as your insurance agency to make sure you understand the risks that can blow past your underlying Auto or Home coverage.

The good news is the Keating Agency will treat you like one of our own family members because we want your financial future protected in the same way we protect ours.  We will recommend the right solution for your lifestyle and asset level.

As a consumer you can ignore this gaping financial planning hole or you can work with a progressive insurance agent that has many Umbrella options to explore so you get the best in both coverage and value.

Happy Independence Day!

We are an independent insurance agency because we believe consumer choice only happens with multiple insurance companies to choose from.

As we approach our 50th year in business, our licensed agents have the knowledge, training and experience to offer you the best Umbrella insurance choices.

Can you find the quality and caring that the Keating Agency will give you before, during and after the sale?  We have a client retention rate of 90%+ for a very simple reason…because we care about our clients personal and financial well-being.

We hope you never, ever have to make an Umbrella claim, but as we all know life happens.  We want you to relish every second of it by not worrying about your financial future.  We love Umbrella insurance and will worry about it for you!

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