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Puppy Madness – Help name our dog for charity!

Voting Schedule
64 names = March 18-22 
32 names = March 23-27
16 names = March 28-31
8 names = April 1-5
4 names = April 6-8 at 7pm
2 names = April 11-15

Voting is OPEN – Round Details

A little bit of back story

Celebrating our 50th year in business we are grateful to be part of the local community through three generations of our family business.  Many do not know that we could easily be celebrating the 50th year of “Keating Pet Grooming” which almost became a reality after Michael J. moved to Hartford from New Jersey, before a friend told him you are in the “insurance capital of the world” and being an independent agent allows to be an instrumental part of your community and give back. (Click here to learn more in our recent blog post.)

Charitable Component

My grandfather’s favorite number was 3, in honor of that, we will donate:

  • $0.33 to each of three charities you choose.
  • $3.33 to each of three charities you choose with an Auto and/or Home Review or Business Owner

Charities that we are supporting:  Animal Friends of CT, Connecticut Cat Connection, CT Humane Society, Dog Star Rescue, Fidelco, Kenways Cause, Protectors of Animals, Running for Rescues, Simon Foundation, US Horse Welfare and Rescue, West Hartford Dog Park Coalition.

There are many amazing non-profit organizations out there and we would love to list of every animal organization in the State.  The organizations pre-selected are ones in the Greater Hartford area and we welcome suggestions of others that we might not know about and/or near and dear to you.

Follow the Puppy Madness!


  • No limit on name suggestions
  • Inappropriate or non-realistic names will be discarded and not qualify for donations
  • Names will be entered into bracket by most suggested and uniqueness
  • One donation will be made per unique email for name and voting rounds
  • Auto/Home/Business Review must be reviewed with a team member for donation
  • Donations will be made on behalf of CT residents only
  • Donations will be made over the course of 2019

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your insurance needs.