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Find the Right Boat Insurance Quotes

In addition to miles of shoreline along Long Island Sound, Connecticut is home to some of New England’s most beautiful lakes and rivers.  As a result, many state residents own boats.  If you own one and are looking for Boat Insurance Quotes, the Keating Agency is a great place to start.

Boat insurance protects you and your property on the water.  However, that is not the only place a claim situation can happen.  When looking at Boat Insurance Quotes, you need to consider coverage that also protects it wherever you keep or transport your vessel.  This includes:

  • A marina
  • Injury from an Uninsured Boater
  • A dock
  • Your home
  • A storage facility

A boat is a significant investment.  You want to make certain you have the right coverage.  Boat Insurance Quotes should be tailored to your specific needs.  This includes how you plan to use your boat.  You may want coverage for:

  • Medical incidents
  • Entertaining clients
  • Fishing tournaments
  • Renting your boat to others
  • Using your boat as a business
  • Other watercraft, such as jet skis

Whatever the size of your craft or how you plan to use it, getting the right Boat Insurance Quotes is easy with the Keating Agency.  We know the right questions to ask and can work with your budget.  The best coverage does not necessarily have to be the most expensive policy.

The Keating Agency is a local, independent agency with more than 50 years of experience.  Additionally, we work with more than two dozen companies.  This means that we work for you, not the insurance company.  Let us put our resources, knowledge, and experience to work for you.

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