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COVID-19 Updates and Resources – Updated 4/25/2020

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Keating’s Agency Insurance’s top priority is the safety and well-being of our staff and their families, our clients and our communities.

You are being assisted with a team of over twenty dedicated professionals to assist our clients.  All our Team has full remote capability and work seamlessly on your behalf. At this point our main office in West Hartford is closed for client visits without an appointment.

A couple of key things for you to know:

First: Relax. Your claims and billing concerns can easily be addressed and monitored for you.

Safe at Home Auto Policy Credits: All of our carriers are rolling information out daily. As of today 4/25 here is what we have of our over 15 carriers for April & May premiums. Note if you paid in full you will have a credit generated. Also please be aware that the State Department of Insurance has been in constant communication with the carriers regarding the appropriate time to allow the credits. It may be extended pay May. My agency is an active member of both the Professional Insurance Agents Association and the Independent Agents Associations as advocates for consumers rights.

Please note: Clients do not need to do anything to receive these credits as the carriers will automatically apply or refund accordingl.

Safeco, Travelers, Union Mutual, The Hartford, Encompass, Liberty Mutual, Met, Kemper, Mapfre — 15% of April & May premiums

National General 15% of the May premium

Quincy Mutual average of 20% upon $25 per vehicle with a physical check to be sent in May

State Auto 5% of annual premium

Progressive —25% of the April & May premiums.

Plymouth Rock– 25% on Liability & Med Pay Premiums of the April & May premiums.

$50 Per Car: Main Street America.
$50 Per Policy: Nationwide

Chubb will apply a renewal credit averaging $110 per car and a $10,000,000 pledge to pandemic relief funds worldwide

For reference using an annual premium of $1,500 that would be $125 per month in premium and $250 over two months for an overall credit of $37.50 credit of 15%.

Claims:  Will still be handled and processed timely.  The process will be a bit different so we can reduce the face to face contact.  The carriers will be providing apps to be used on phones designed to walk you through the process for photos and documentation.   As with ALL losses please be sure to call our office first unless it is a major loss where the call would be to the carrier 24/7/365 and we will then follow up with you.   For clients not comfortable with the new technology the adjusters will provide alternative options – Yes, the US Mail still is important.

Premium Payments and Hardships:  The State of CT has put in place protections for consumers and the carriers have matched and at times exceeded what is mandated.  The most important thing is to have us beware of the hardship so we can document your file and monitor it going forward. The some of the carriers will require a call with you and our office will set up this process and document it for you.  Remember, we live in this world day to day and year after year. It is what we do. Again, Relax.

If you need to drop off a payment, simply call the office for complete instructions on how this can be accomplished.  We will confirm that we have received the payment. Again, as we have stressed in the past the easiest way is to simply mail to the carrier, call our office to take the payment over the phone, go online or call the carrier.

Car Usage:  If you (or someone in the family) have started to or are considering using your Personal Vehicles for Food Delivery please call our office to review.  Many carriers have removed the “Exclusion” for a short time frame.  The carriers may extend this, but it is important that we can document and confirm with you when this expires.  Again, contact us with any questions.

Policy Changes:  Simply call, Text, email or use the Web Form.   New cars & Homes we will set the paperwork up and await your guidance as delivery and closing dates approach. 

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