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winter drivingRecent posts have offered safety tips for your home and to help people of any age stay warm and active during the winter.

We know that, although we may have some warm days here and there, winter is not done with Connecticut, yet.

Today’s focus is on cars and making winter driving fun as well as some timely advice in case you find yourself in a jam.

Preparation and Know-how for Winter Driving

Successful winter driving starts with a well-maintained car.  Winter weather and conditions can be especially harsh on your car.  Road salt, freezing temperatures, and potholes require extra vigilance to ensure your car is in optimal driving condition.

AccuWeather recommends five ways to keep your car in shape for winter driving.

  • Check your tire pressure monthly
  • Test your battery and replace if necessary
  • Monitor windshield cracks be certain wipers are in good condition
  • Add a coat of wax at the car wash to protect against salt corrosion
  • Make certain headlights and brake lights are working and clear

winter drivingYou’ve taken the steps to ensure that your car is winter driving ready, but Mother Nature may have some surprises in store for you.  In fact, you already may have dealt with some of these issues recently.

If you don’t park in a garage, freezing rain, like the kind we saw at the end of January, can encase your car in ice.  This makes trying to get into your ice-covered car a challenge.  Luckily, wikiHow offers several options for opening doors that are frozen shut and dealing with frozen door locks.  One thing not to do, pour water into your door locks.  The mechanisms will refreeze.

Beyond advice for dealing with a frozen car and door locks, the article also offers tips to prevent your car from freezing shut in the first place.

Of course, it’s possible you found yourself stuck in the snow.  Again, wikiHow has valuable information to get you out of the snow.  This involves being prepared by having the right materials in your car.

The Keating Agency believes in providing you information to help you be prepared for any situation.  We’ve been your neighbor and Trusted Insurance Advisor for nearly 50-years because we care about you, your family, and your well-being…in other words (or hashtags!), #KeatingAgencyCares