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umbrellaYou wouldn’t go out into a rainstorm without an umbrella.

So, make certain you don’t face life’s financial storms without one.

Whether you own a home or rent, Umbrella Insurance provides protection from unforeseen disasters that could wreck your economic well-being.

Without one, you could get soaked.

Why an Umbrella Policy Is a Financial Lifesaver?

We live in a litigious society.  Causing a car accident or a guest injured in your home could land you in court with possible settlements in the millions of dollars.

To protect all you have earned and all you love, you need an Umbrella policy.

If you don’t own a home or have much money, you may think no one would sue you. Surprise, you’re wrong!

Friends and family members have been known to sue one another, many times with no choice if they wish to be made whole again.

This is especially true when high medical bills or the loss of work income is involved.

Lucky for you, Umbrella Insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to provide a lot of protection…literally for as little as a few hundred dollars a year, which can be spread into monthly payments.

umbrellaYour policy covers liabilities beyond what homeowners or auto insurance will pay.  It can also pay your legal fees from a lawsuit.

Of course, lawsuits don’t have to be the result of someone tripping on your porch or being hit by your car.

In this scenario from KnoxNews in Tennessee, a teacher sued the parents of a student who used social media to slander and damage the teacher’s career.  News reports of people being held accountable for their activities on social media are becoming more common.

An incident can also take place far away from home like this story from the Insurance Journal of a skier colliding with another skier.  The medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering cost more than a half million dollars!

The payout exhausted the Homeowners liability limit.  Her umbrella policy prevented the accident from ruining them financially.

You never know when something will happen or what the final cost will be.  A little bit of money now can protect you from economic disaster now and far into the future.  Let’s face it, we work too hard to lose it all in one, unplanned, unpredictable moment.

We are Connecticut.  We are Local.  We are Independent.

You can trust the Keating Agency to look out for your best interests like we have for the Greater Hartford community for nearly 50 years. We’d love to talk to you.

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