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travel insuranceTravel Insurance is a hot topic lately.

When the volcano on White Island in New Zealand erupted last week, we learned that may of the victims were tourists.  They were visiting the island as part of a cruise ship excursion.

A total of 16 people died from injuries they suffered. Another 26 remain in the hospital, while the search continues for the remains of any that might still be on the island.

Those hospitalized in New Zealand and Australia will receive modern medical treatments.  However, if they were injured elsewhere in the world, that might not be the case.

An insurance policy can help protect you and your interests when traveling outside of the country.

Travel Insurance Protects More than Luggage

Most people think Travel Insurance covers cancelled trips or lost luggage.  It certainly can cover those situations.  It also can cover if a forced change in plans on your trip costs you money.

However, the Ascent from the Motley Fool says an important coverage policies can offer is for medical emergencies.  Many Unites States’ health insurance companies don’t pay for medical treatment overseas.

In addition to the enormous costs medical services can run, it can pose another problem.

You may remember this story from NBC News. A couple found themselves trapped in Mexico when they couldn’t pay the fiancée’s hospital bill.

travel insuranceFilm mogul Tyler Perry learned of their plight and paid the bill.  Most travelers can’t count on such luck.

Beyond specific medical costs, Insurance Information Institute (III) say Travel Insurance can cover transportation in the event of a medical emergency.  If you must be flown to a hospital in another location or return to the United States, your policy handles the necessary arrangements.  This includes finding doctors and contacting loved ones.

So, when planning your next trip, consider all of your needs.  If you travel domestically, a credit card may offer enough protection. However, you need to know exactly what is covered.

If you work with a travel agent, they can discuss insurance policies for your tip.

The Keating Agency also can help you consider policies.  We have relationships with more than two dozen companies.  This give us a lot of flexibility and policies to choose from.

We’ve been your local, independent insurance agency for 50 years, so you know you can count on us. Give us a call.

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