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travel insuranceTravel Insurance is an important consideration when planning a trip.

You may want to get coverage if you are flying, taking a cruise, getting a rental car, or spending time in another county.

Most people think this coverage is only for trip cancellations.  However, it can protect you from any number of unexpected expenses that could happen when you are away from home.

Whether you are a frequent flier, or taking a once in a lifetime getaway, Travel Insurance can protect you, your finances, and your trip.

Travel Insurance Covers More than Cancellations

CNBC reports that millions of Americans are expected to travel for business or leisure this year.  The average vacation is expected to cost more than $2,500.  This makes the purchase of Travel Insurance a significant issue for contemplation.

If a hurricane or other serious event causes you to cancel your trip, insurance can help you get back some, or all of what you paid.

Additionally, some Travel Insurance policies cover medical expenses if you get sick or are injured.  It can reimburse you for lost luggage and may even cover expenses created by travel delays.

Lifehacker says trips bought with a credit card may be covered by insurance from the credit card company.  Before you decide to rely on the card company, know the stipulations coverage to kick in.

travel insuranceThe article relays the details of a delayed flight.  For reimbursement, the flight needed to cause a 12-hour delay.  His was 11 hours and 46 minutes.

Having a copy of your insurance policy lets you know what procedures to follow to collect reimbursement.  It also helps you understand what situations are covered.  You may decide your credit card’s policy doesn’t meet your needs.

If you need help determining the merits of various policies, the Keating Agency can help.  We have been your local, independent insurance agency for 50 years.  Our longevity is a result of keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of our decision-making.  We look out for what is best for you.

Whether is it Travel Insurance, or another type of insurance or claim, give us a call.  We’re here for you.

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