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tornadoTornado season is upon us.

While no cyclone activity has been reported in Connecticut this spring, warmer weather has just started.  Also, funnel cloud storms aren’t limited to the first part of the year.

Twisters, in particular, create substantial damage.  We also know that storms with strong winds can cause similar damage.

Whatever type of storm or event causes damage to your property, you’ll need a reputable contractor for repairs.  Be certain you don’t fall victim to home repair scammers.

After a Tornado, Verify Contractor Credentials Before Hire

After a recent tornado in Alabama, the Ledger-Enquirer warned residents to beware of home repair scams.  Sadly, contractor con artists take advantage of disasters to get money from desperate homeowners.  They pocket the cash and leave the devastated “customer” high and dry.

Some red flags to look for:

  • Asking for cash up front
  • Cannot provide references
  • Only has a post office box – no physical address
  • Insists you get necessary permits

Each of these situations could mean you are not dealing with a legitimate contractor.

tornadoOur friends at the Insurance Information Institute (III) remind us that tornadoes and their aftermath will leave you shaken.  Don’t let crooks use this to rush you into a contract.

In fact, working with a local, independent insurance agent like the Keating Agency can help you find a reputable contractor. Being in business in Connecticut for 50 years, the Keating Agency developed relationships with these trusted business partners that can help you with a number of situations.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) list some things to look for when hiring a contractor.

  • Verify the contractor is registered with DCP
  • Check litigation history
  • Ask to view some of their recent work
  • Ask for client references
  • Ask to see their registered Home Improvement Contractor card
  • Verify their workman’s compensation and liability insurance policies.

Whether you hire a contractor to repair tornado damage or to make home improvements, the Keating Agency provides information to help you be a more informed consumer.  We believe our role as your insurance agent goes beyond selling you a policy.  We’re here to help you take the steps to protect those things most important to you: your family, home, business, and financial future.

Contact us any time to discuss what we can do for you.