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spring stormsSpring storms made themselves at home in Connecticut over the past couple of weeks.  And while we’ve had some beautiful, sunny days, the showers and wind seem to dominate the forecast.

The rain has been great for your lawn, and you may have taken the opportunity to put down some grass seed.  However, all this wet weather may not be so good for your home.

If possible, take precautions before the next storm to prevent damage that could result in a Homeowners Insurance claim.

Spring Storms Damage May, or May Not Be Covered

Spring storms can mean flooding, fallen tree limbs, and wind damage.

As a story on 25 News reminds us, insurance is for sudden, accidental losses.  Home or property damage found to be a result of negligence or poor home maintenance may not be covered.

So, to prevent or minimize potential damage, you can take some of these basic precautions.

  • Clean gutters
  • Remove dead or damaged trees and tree limbs
  • Secure siding and shingles
  • Secure garbage cans and lawn furniture
  • Clear debris from your foundation and downspouts
  • Check your sump pump

spring stormWe recommend reviewing your Homeowners Insurance policy so that you know what is and isn’t covered.  Also, your deductible may play a factor in deciding to submit a claim.  You may be better off paying some lower-cost repairs out of pocket.

In general, flooding is not covered under your homeowners policy.  If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may want to consider participating in the National Flood Insurance Program.

Because spring storms can quickly turn dangerous, subscribing to emergency alerts from the National Weather Service is a good idea.  These wireless emergency alerts can warn about approaching severe weather, such as tornadoes, hail, or strong winds.  You and your family can take shelter until the storm passes.

For 50 years, the Keating Agency has been your local, independent insurance agent.  We’ve been with you through tornadoes, hail, and fallen tree limbs.  We’ll be there for you through any storms to come.

If you have questions about your Homeowners Insurance, or any other policy, give us a call.  We’re happy to sit down with you to ensure you have everything you need to protect those things most important to you.

We’re your neighbor, and we’re here for you.