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environmentWhile Earth Day was in April, we don’t need a holiday to do good things for our environment.

Recycling has become second nature for so many of us.  You also may have installed energy-saving light bulbs and energy-efficient appliances.

You may have done these things because you are environmentally conscious or to save some money.  Either way, doing little things can have a positive impact on our world.

That’s why many insurers are taking steps to combat climate change. They also offer an incentive for you to do one small thing that can help make a difference.

Save the Environment and Some Money

During April, one of our insurance partners, Travelers, pledged to plan a tree for every customer who switched to paperless billing.  Between the start of the campaign, and when it ends in April 2020, Travelers will plant up to 1 million trees.  It also hopes to reduce the company’s paper use by 22 million pages.

Wherever your beliefs may fall in the climate science debate, insurance companies are taking steps they believe will help the environment.

Our friends at the Insurance Information Institute (III) report that insurers are promoting strategies to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  They encourage their employees to adopt “green” policies in their personal lives, and they promote green customer initiatives.  These include offering discounts for customers who go paperless.

III says that one auto insurer transacts business exclusively online.  No paper involved.

environmentAnother money-saving feature that can help the environment is telematics or usage-based insurance.  A study by the Policy Center for Insurance and Research shows this technology promotes safer driving.  At the same time, reduced speeds and reduced driving resulted in reduced car emissions.

The Keating Agency likes to promote ways our customers can save on their policies while also getting the right coverage.  The fact that some of these measures help the environment is an added bonus.

If you have questions about ways you can save on your insurance policies and go green, we’d love to talk to you about it.  Give us a call.

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