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Small BusinessHappy New Year!

As we enter 2019, I’m sure the success of your small business is top of mind.  You want to keep existing clients happy while attracting new ones.  You want to branch into new areas but get the most from your services and not waste money.

It’s time to make some business New Year’s resolutions.

Small Business Resolutions for New Year’s Growth

The Business Journals recommends making New Year’s resolutions as a concrete way to list goals for your small business in the coming year.   Some of these resolutions include:

  • Review (create) your social media plan – take ownership of what potential customers see when they look up your business.
  • Interact directly with clients – review the services you provide clients and ways you can expand on those services.
  • Make the most of Linked-In – InMail connections to further develop professional relationships.
  • Review expenses – Are you paying too much for phone, garbage, or other service contracts?
  • List your work day – keep a business journal of your daily activities and what you can do to meet business objectives.
  • Re-connect with old clients – learn why they left and how to get them back.

Find resolutions that help you save money, grow your network, and improve your productivity.

For retailers, Forbes recommends getting personal.  The big box stores and online mega-stores beat you on price.  However, service matters.  Local retailers provide the human element, enabling more emphasis on customer experience.

2019 small businessFind products that differentiate you from your competition.  Products tell a story about where they come from, who makes them, or how they are made.  Consumers make conscious choices.  What is the impact on the environment?  What materials are used?

Make the most from being local.  Take an active role in the community.  Sponsoring local charities and efforts increases your visibility helps build customer loyalty.  Your shoppers know that buying from you helps the local economy.

Of course, different businesses have different needs.  Not every suggestion works for every business.  Consider steps you can take to build your bottom line.

We’ve been your local, independent insurance agency for nearly 50 years.  The Keating Agency can play a role in your business’ success.  Our work with more than two dozen companies allows us to offer the right business coverage at the right price for you.  Call us in the new year.