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pet loversAs you may know, the members of the Keating Agency are pet lovers.  Almost a year ago you helped us name our new puppy, Shamrock.

And while our blogs frequently discuss issues regarding your home, car, and family, we rarely talk about the furry members of our families.  They have needs just like us.  They also can be impacted by events that impact our lives.

Just like you need a disaster plan for your family, home, and business, you need one for your pet.

If you are forced to evacuate your home, what happens to your furry family member?

Pet Lovers Must Include Pets in Disaster Plans

Besides knowing whether a hotel or shelter accepts animals, pet lovers should consider their pet’s needs during a disaster.

The Canyon News last year printed an article about having a pet emergency plan.  During the fires in California, she thought about what would happen to her dog during an evacuation.

In addition to adding her home address to the dog’s tags, she made a “go bag” for him. This included items like:

  • Extra leashes and collars
  • Poop bags
  • Medications
  • Treats
  • Food

pet loversShe also created an information sheet about her pet.  If they were separated, she hoped whoever found him would care for him and help return him.

Another event pet lovers may want to consider is what to do if their pet gets sick?  Does pet insurance make sense?

In Ask the Vet, Julianne Miller recommends getting all the facts about any plan.  One important fact to know is whether the insurer will pay the veterinarian directly, or will you be reimbursed after the fact?

Some insurance may not cover pre-existing conditions or may have a wait time before coverage kicks in.

First Coast News says there are three types of pet insurance: illness, accident, and wellness.

Particularly for illness and accidents, a plan may have a deductible.  It also my cover only a portion of your bill.

Additionally, coverage for older pet may cost more.

Pet parents are encouraged to get multiple quotes. Also, share veterinary records so companies can tell you if some conditions will be excluded.

Review the deductibles and pay out percentages.  Know how claims will be paid.

Weigh the monthly costs against the type of coverage to get the most for your money.

In any case, it’s wise to set money aside in the event something happens to your pet.

The Keating Agency knows how much love a pet can bring a family.  Losing that pet creates tremendous heartache.  We hope you found this information helpful in keeping your pet healthy and protected.

Feel free to contact us anytime to talk about this or another topic of concern.

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