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Words cannot describe how I feel after seeing the devastation in Moor, Oklahoma, especially the destruction of two elementary schools. I am both saddened and humbled by nature’s power.

Our hearts and prayers go out to families and rescue workers who are hoping to still find survivors during the recovery efforts.

We hope survivors will still be found and we also pray for those who have been lost.  It is our hope that today will bring an end to the rash of tornadoes that have battered the area for the last several days.

You Can Help Our Citizens in Need

As with other disasters in recent months, the Keating Agency knows our generous readers and clients may be looking for a way reach out to and help our neighbors in the Midwest.

We are happy to report that Connecticut-based AmeriCares is deploying a response team to Moor, OK with relief and medical supplies.

The American Red Cross is already on the ground providing shelter, food, relief items, and cleanup items.  Monetary donations to both organizations will immediately help them provide the assistance the people of Oklahoma need.

Don’t forget, you can also use the cash back you earned through our Retail Benefits program to help these and other charitable organizations.

We are glad to be able to offer a service that gives our members an opportunity to help others and proud of our community that always steps up in these times of crisis.

Be Prepared Here in Connecticut

Unfortunately, the atmospheric mix is ripe for strong storms beginning tonight through Friday the last I heard.  Here are a few timely tips that you can take advantage of to make sure you are safe:

  • Read our Tornado Prep page, it may literally save your life
  • Don’t assume it’s not that bad, if your gut and eyes think it is…IT IS!  Seek shelter immediately.
  • Stay tuned to local TV and radio reports, they are very timely and accurate today.
  • Sadly, this seems to be an annual event in our country.  Last April’s blog entry shares some tips so you are not only covered, but properly covered.

I know there are many family plans for this Memorial Day weekend and one member of the Keating Agency team said the carnival is in town Thursday through Saturday…so keep an eye to the sky and be aware of the weather so you and your family are safe.

God Bless the City and People of Moor Oklahoma
Our Prayers and Assistance are Needed

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