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cyber securityWelcome to National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)!

Throughout the year, the Keating Agency has posted about the importance of taking steps to ward off cyber-attacks.  We’ve covered:

  • Spear phishing attempts
  • Avoiding malware
  • Regularly backing up your files
  • Having the most up to date antivirus protection

These are messages that deserve regular attention and review.

So, to kick off this month of technical security awareness, we’d like to share the 2019 NCSAM theme and key messages.

Cyber Security Requires Diligence to Stay Safe Online

According to the website Stay Safe Online, National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a collaborative effort between industry and the government.  Its aim is to raise awareness about online dangers and give Americans access to the tools that can help them stay safe on the web.

Now in its 16th year, NCSAM promotes mass public engagement with the theme:

“Own it. Secure it. Protect it.”

NCSAM encourages everyday individuals to engage best practices on the World Wide Web.

Own it.

cyber securityThis refers to using and updating your security settings on social media, websites, and when using apps. Know about the apps you are using, what information they collect, and when they are running. (Even after you close an app, some continue running in the background.) Also, be careful about the information you reveal on social media.

Secure it.

Passwords are important.  Create unique, strong passwords, use multi-factor identification, and know how to spot and avoid phishing scams.  Only shop at sites that display the “https://” in the web address as How to Geek says these websites are secure.  They contain encryption that protects you and your information.

Protect it.

Be certain to use the latest version of your security software and operating systems.  Stay protected when you use public Wi-Fi.  Be certain to back up any data to an independent server.

The Keating Agency knows that as we spend more and more of our lives online, crooks are looking for ways to take advantage.  By promoting cyber security vigilance, we help you avoid the traps and protect your information.

The independent insurance agents at the Keating Agency also can help you decide if cyber insurance is right for you.  Contact us.  We’re here for you.

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