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life insurance policyDo you have a Life Insurance Policy?

You know you need one, especially for your family.  Who will take care of them when you’re gone?

But getting one is such a hassle.  Who has the time to take off from work for medical tests and an exam?  Then you have to wait, sometimes for weeks, to learn if you qualify.

And, after all that waiting, you might not be approved.

What if you didn’t have to go through that?  What if you could get a no wait, no medical tests, no examination Life Insurance Policy and know you are approved right away?

Life Moves Fast. We Move Faster. Less Cost. Less Time.

Now you can purchase up to $500,000 of life insurance using “Accelerated Underwriting.” By using real-time data, the company can provide instant approvals on up to 50% of applicants and a policy is mailed in a matter of a few days.

Easy as 1-2-3. Save Time And Effort.

  • life insurance policySubmit an E-Application – sign your application electronically to begin.
  • Underwriting Decision Engine – gathers publicly available data such as MVR, Rx history and MIB information.  Based on the data and application information, an instant decision is provided:
    • Approved or,
    • Referred to Underwriting or
    • Rejected.
    • Applications that are Approved or Referred to Underwriting are e-signed and submitted.
  • Issue or Review – Approved applications go immediately to policy issue.  Applications referred to Underwriting may require something as simple as an underwriter review or it may transition into full medical underwriting.

No Waiting Up To 12 Weeks For Policy Approval

Are you in reasonably good health?  Our program is designed for speedy underwriting and is available for ages 18-65.  Benefits include:

  • No lengthy face-to-face or telephone application
  • No doctor or paramedical exam
  • No physician statements
  • No blood tests
  • No EKG

For more information, email Kevin Paro  or call him directly @ 860-479-3883

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