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natural disasterMuch of the United States was spared the natural disaster of Hurricane Dorian.  But that was just one storm this hurricane season.

The Weather Channel is tracking several more tropical depressions and storms in the Atlantic Ocean this week.  Hurricane season ends November 1.

With a little more than a month left; our weather luck could run out.

Natural Disaster Claims Deal with the Worst Damage First

Any damage to your home, car, or business is a serious matter.  Your life is upended, and you want the matter addressed quickly.

However, after a natural disaster, you likely are not the only victim.  The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that insurance companies take a triage approach and deal with the most serious claims first.

When Mother Nature impacts a large population, insurance companies routinely hire additional adjusters.  These may be independent contractorsIII advises that you get a telephone number and business card from every individual assessing your damage.

If storm damage makes your home unsafe, your Homeowners Insurance may issue an immediate check.  Your policy must include additional living expenses to be eligible for this benefit.  The Keating Agency is happy to review your Homeowners Insurance policy with you, so you understand your coverage.

natural disasterEven though a devastating storm has damaged your home, it’s important that it not become worse.  CBS News suggests making temporary repairs to your property if possible.  Cover holes in the roof.  Board up broken windows.

While doing this, you also can document the extent of the damageTake pictures if possible.  You want as much information as possible to back up your claim.

In addition to an army of adjusters descending on the site of a natural disaster, crooks look for potential victims.  You need to be on guard to protect yourself from scam artists.

One way to ensure a contractor is on the up and up is to check with the state Department of Consumer Protection.  It offers sound advice on what to look for whether you need a contractor for disaster repairs or normal home improvement projects.

While the Keating Agency hopes any damaging storms bypass Connecticut, we believe that forewarned is forearmed.  If you find yourself in a claim situation, no matter the cause, know that our family-owned business will be with you every step of the process.

The Keating Agency is an independent insurance agency in your neighborhood for 50 years.  We always have your best interests at heart.  Give us a call.

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