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motorcycleState law requires motorcycle insurance for all bike owners who wish to ride in Connecticut.  In fact, most states mandate a minimum amount of insurance coverage for automobile and motorcycle owners

But is getting the minimum amount of insurance coverage enough to protect you and your motorcycle?  Probably not.

Your motorcycle is an investment and your health and well-being are priceless.  Your policy should provide sufficient coverage to protect both.

Motorcycle Insurance Should Consider More than Cost

You’ve probably seen or heard commercials that promise to save you 15% on your motorcycle insurance for 15 minutes of your time.  Buyer beware

Patrick Wraight expressed anger in his article in the Insurance Journal about a friend who “took advantage” of the offer to save 15%, and then had an accident.

While his friend did not opt for the minimum amount of coverage, he still lacked enough coverage to protect himself and his bike.  Because he didn’t understand what his policy did and did not cover, he learned the hard way that his insurer would pay less than $1,000 for his medical expenses.  When is the last time a trip to the hospital cost less than $1,000?

In an effort to save money, the man ended up with a “discount” policy didn’t provide any real savings when it mattered.

This story on 69 News noted that more than 7 million motorcycles are on the road in the United States.  How many of those riders have the proper motorcycle insurance is uncertain, however the story offered some tips for finding the right policy and saving money.

When insuring your motorcycle, you may want to consider companies that specialize in motorcycle policies.  In addition to price, these companies understand the risks motorcycle riders face.

Joining a group like the American Motorcyclist Association also may help you get a discount on price.  And it can connect you to a community of fellow riders.

Information about how frequently you ride, where your bike is kept, safety courses, and anti-theft devices may provide policy discounts.

For 50 years, the Keating Agency has been your local, independent insurance agency.  Unlike those 15-minute shops, we take the time to talk to you about your needs in order to craft a policy that properly protects you and your motorcycle.  We also take the time to make certain you understand your policy and what it covers.

The Keating Agency is here for you.  Give us a call.

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