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wellnessAfter the first snow storm of 2020, it might be tempting to hibernate.  Hunker down.  Get cozy.  Take a long winter’s nap.

But a new year is a time for new opportunities and new aspirations.  This includes concentrating on better health for better life experiences.

While the word “wellness” might sound like a trendy new term, it encompasses all aspects of a healthy life.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

Make 2020 your year for total health.

Wellness Tips to Enhance Your Life

Hibernation may be tempting this cold, dark time of year.  However, our friends at Insurance News Net Magazine recommend getting out of your cave instead.  They say much of winter wellness is common sense.

Continuing a workout routine is a good start.  If you don’t already have a routine, find one that keeps you moving for 30 minutes a day.  Getting a workout buddy could help you stay committed.

Outdoor exercise gets you fresh air.  It also keeps you away from other people’s germs, for a while.

wellnessShoveling snow counts as an outdoor workout.  Just remember to listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

The folks at Doctor NDTV say good nutrition is important for wellness.  They recommend getting enough omega 3 fatty acids to ward off sickness.  Instead of supplements, try getting them from whole foods like walnuts, flaxseeds, and fish.

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies help your fiber intake and contain vitamins that can boost your immune system.

For mental, emotional, and physical health, Psychology Today says self-care is important.  This does not necessarily mean pampering or treating yourself.  It includes things like going to the doctor or dentist, having a healthy meal, or going to bed early.

Self-care also doesn’t have to come at the expense of others.  Self-care could include spending more time with your family or having a special date night.  Positive interactions care for everyone involved.

The Keating Agency wants you to take the time to focus on wellness in the new year.  You are important to our lives and the lives of those who love you.

We’ve been your local, independent insurance agency for more than 50 years and we plan to be around for many more.  The Keating Agency hopes you’ll be around, too.

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