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HalloweenHalloween is a great holiday.

Haunted houses and horror films let us have fun being scared.  Pumpkin picking and carving Jack-o-lanterns help us make treasured memories.  We unleash our creativity finding new ways to decorate inside and out.  Not to mention that with costumes, parties, and trick-or-treating, our imaginations allow us to be someone else for a day.

Of course, Allhallows Eve is a notorious night for tricks and mischief.

Whether your home is the target of mischief, or you are the parent of mischief-makers, you want to protect your interests.  Does your insurance cover all potential areas of responsibility?

With the Right Insurance, Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Over the years, the Keating Agency has written about potential claim situations you and your home may face over Halloween.  We use information from partner websites like the Insurance Information Institute (III) to advise steps to take to avoid a number of holiday mishaps.

If you plan to stay home to greet the adorable pirates and princesses in search of sugary treats, you should consider:

  • keeping walkways clear of debris and obstacles
  • tying down electrical cords
  • stabilizing handrails
  • using electric candles instead of flames

In addition to preventing trips and falls by trick-or-treaters, these steps may prevent fires.  All these claims normally fall under your Homeowners Insurance.

HalloweenIt also covers mischief night tricks, like eggs on your house or car, or toilet paper and paintballs.  But what if the impish goblins are yours, and the house or car damaged belong to someone else?

The Insurance Journal details an incident where holiday pranksters damage a neighbor’s car.  Even though the parents weren’t present when the incident happened, they share “vicarious parental responsibility” for their children’s actions.

In this particular situation, the parents Umbrella Insurance paid for any damage not covered by their Homeowners policy.  Umbrellas also come into play if a treat-seeker falls, or is otherwise injured on your property, and the parents decide to sue.

The Keating Agency has been in your neighborhood for nearly 50 years.  As an independent insurance agency, we work with more than two dozen insurersWe’re happy to explain what is covered under your Homeowners Insurance.  Also, we can help you find the Umbrella Insurance that is right for you.  Contact us anytime.

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