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summer vacationWith so many of us social distancing at home these last few months, summer vacation sounds enormously appealing.

But is it possible?

Many businesses have reopened.  The rate of infections and hospitalizations are on the decline.  Life is settling into some semblance of normal.

However, are people ready to hit possibly crowded vacation spots?  Are you?

Summer Vacation in the New Normal

An article in USA Today states that AAA did not issue its annual Memorial Day travel forecast.  This is a first, as the forecast heralds the start of summer vacation season.

To entice prospective vacationers, businesses that rely on vacation travel announced amped-up cleaning and safety protocols.  Certainly we expect to see deals to help those with less disposable income.

But will people want to take the risk? Many of the people questioned in the article quashed ideas of travelling this summer.  While some motel owners reported full bookings.

summer vacationA different USA Today article suggested “virtualvacations may take the place of summer travel.

In the example about a trip to Paris, it recommends setting the scene.  From going through the motions of getting out passports to packing your luggage, these steps help you feel like you are taking a trip.  Mood music, visual backdrops, and location appropriate food also can transport you away.

If money is an issue, yet another USA Today article offered tips for vacationing on a budget.  Of course, the ever popular staycation is one suggestion.

If you really need to get away, the article suggests being realistic about the level of vacation you can have.  No five star hotels or Michelin restaurants included in this vacation.

Instead, you might consider camping or visiting family or friendsCooking your own meals is another way to save money.

The Keating Agency recognizes that we all need a break.  Before you go anywhere, let us help you be certain that you and your family are protected.  And if you plan to book a trip, let us help you take the steps to ensure that a cancellation won’t cost you.

We’ve been your friend, neighbor, and local, independent insurance agency for more than 50 years.  One of the secrets to our longevity is the dedication we have for our clients.  Know that you can contact us anytime.

The Keating Agency is here for you.

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