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During these uncertain economic times, I know many of you are worried about your financial future, especially your retirement planning.

As your local independent insurance agent, we at the Keating Agency are always looking for better ways to serve our Connecticut friends and neighbors.  That is why we have formed a strategic partnership called Keating Wealth Management with two office locations in Glastonbury (294 New London Turnpike, Glastonbury, CT 06033) and West Hartford Center (10 Arapahoe Road, West Hartford, CT 06017).

This advocate-focused operation takes a holistic approach designed to help our families achieve their unique goals in lifestyle, wealth management, and legacy planning.

How is Our Financial & Retirement Planning Different?

Kevin Paro
(860) 479-3883

Our agency spent a considerable amount of time and effort deciding how to build out this part of our business and we are happy to introduce Kevin Paro because he holds the same values and level of service that we have had at the Keating Agency since 1969.

In fact, Kevin brings with him a team that has over 60-years of combined industry experience!

Unlike other financial planning services, Keating Wealth Management is independent meaning we don’t have any sales goals and we have no incentive to sell a particular product.

Simply put, we are here to serve the needs of our clients with their best interests in mind which keeps us true to our mission statement:

~ Our value isn’t in what we sell, but in how and why we recommend it.
We understand the value in protecting what is important to you, now and in the future ~

One of the things that makes our partnership so special is the way we are able to integrate your insurance, financial and retirement planning with other services like your tax and estate planning.

We want to coordinate with all the professionals in your life to work together efficiently and effectively.

Your Questions – Our Goals

So many people have questions about retirement planning, such as when to take Social Security, how much money they need to save, and what type of Medicare policy they need.

With our new partnership, Keating Wealth Management is equipped to answer all of these questions.

Retirement planningIn the end, financial planning is about achieving two goals:

  1. To answer the question, “Am I going to make it?” while helping you define what “making it” means to you.
  2. To see if any financial roadblocks or blind spots could prevent you from achieving those goals, and determining how to address those potential issues.

Our services help clients take the guesswork out of financial and retirement planning, while taking a huge amount of the workload off your shoulders.

We invite you to email or call Kevin Paro at (860) 479-3883, he’ll be able to assist you with any questions and to see why working with Keating Wealth Management can be the right financial decision for you.

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