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flood preparationHard to believe, but June is almost upon us.  Now is the time for flood preparation.

While flood season officially starts on June 1, the first named storm of the season, Tropical Storm Arthur, was heading toward the East Coast this week.  And Connecticut already has seen some stormy weather this year.

So, in addition to protecting your property with a flood insurance policy, the Keating Agency has found some tips to help you prepare for and survive a flood.

Take Flood Preparation Steps Now to Protect Your Future

A story in USA Today reported that forecasters at Colorado State University are predicting a 69% chance that at least one major hurricane will make landfall in the United States.  In addition to potentially protecting your property from damage, flood preparation and knowledge can help save your family.

The website Alarms.org states that flood disaster declarations represent 70% of presidential disaster declarations.  While most flooding, occurs in landlocked states, Connecticut is not in the clear.  A total of 98% of counties across the country have been impacted by flooding.

flood preparationUnfortunately, most homeowners don’t have flood insurance. A standard Homeowners Insurance policy may cover flood damage caused by a burst pipe.  However, damage caused by groundwater that penetrates your home is not covered.

In addition to getting flood insurance, you can take other steps to prepare.  These include:

  • Knowing the flood risks in your area
  • Raising electronics and utilities off the ground
  • Preventing water seepage to your basement or foundation
  • Preparing an emergency kit
  • Having a flood emergency plan

In the event of a flood, knowing how to react may keep yourself and your family alive.  Start by staying tuned to weather reports.  Be ready to move to higher ground.  And most of all, know when to evacuate.

The Keating Agency wants to help you protect your home and belongings from a flood.  Yet, we believe the safety of you and your family is most important.

If you want to know more about flood insurance and what coverage you may need, please contact us.  In the event you find yourself in any type of claim situation, know that the Keating Agency will be with you every step of the way.

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