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Flood InsuranceWe’ve had some wild weather since spring started, but as March blends into April, you can be assured that rains will follow.  Are your home and property protected by Flood Insurance?

Flooding caused by pipes inside your home is covered by your Homeowners Insurance.  However, external sources of flooding are not.

Do you have the necessary coverage to protect you and your family from Mother Nature?

Flood Insurance Keeps Spring Rains from Washing Your Dreams Away

The importance of Flood Insurance became apparent to homeowners in the Jackson, Mississippi area. The Marketplace reports that more than 1,000 homes in the state did not have flood coverage when the Pearl River overflowed its banks.  Those homeowners must dip into their own savings to pay for repairs.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have the funds to pay for everything.  Floods are the most expensive natural disaster.  They regularly cause damage costing in the tens of thousands of dollars.  They’ve also happened more frequently during the past decade.

Experts expect the incidents of flooding to increase across the country.

While people expect the federal government to step in during a disaster, it doesn’t always happen.  Even if an incident is large enough to receive a presidential disaster declaration, distribution of aid takes months and rarely covers the entire cost of rebuilding.

Flood InsuranceUnfortunately, even those who have Flood Insurance don’t always have enough.  WLBT reports that many individuals in Jackson, Mississippi, struggled to recover from the flooding earlier this year.  In addition to insufficient coverage, policy deductibles can be thousands of dollars.  Those without substantial means found themselves in a bind.

While policies are purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program, the Keating Agency can help you determine if you need a policy and the amount of coverage that’s right for you.

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