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flood-damaged carMonths after floods, hurricanes, and tropical storms, flood-damaged cars hit the market.  The unscrupulous sellers hope they can sell the compromised vehicles to unsuspecting buyers.

Water damage renders a car unsafe in a number of different ways.  Saltwater can be especially corrosive and damaging to a vehicle.

So, if you are in the market for a used car, how do you keep from becoming a victim?

The Keating Agency has found some information to help you spot a water-contaminated car.  This includes and almost sure-fire way to learn if a vehicle was previously submerged.

Flood-Damaged Car and Trucks Dangerous for Drivers

Last month, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) issued a warning about used car purchases.  Following Hurricane Barry, NICB said criminals frequently try to sell flood-damaged vehicles to buyers in other parts of the country.

The NCIB website, warned that if the price of a used car is too-good-to be-true, that is a red flag.

Most cars damaged by floods are sold to parts companies to cannibalize.  However, some are cleaned up to be resold to unassuming buyers.

flood-damaged autoNICB warns buyers to do a thorough inspection of a car before buying.  Look for water stains. Do a smell check.  If possible, get a vehicle history report.

One important item to check is the Vehicle Identification Number. Running that number through NICB’s VINCheck can show if a flood insurance claim is associated with the car. Most Auto Insurance companies share their salvage data with NICB.

However, some criminals change the VIN and title of a car.  This makes identifying a vehicle’s history difficult.

NICB suggests having a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchase.  While a car may look and smell clean, a mechanic will know what to look for to identify water damage not readily visible.

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