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Fireworks safety and illegal fireworks have been in the news lately.  It seems many people are using them to relieve stress after fireworks safetymonths of confinement.

When used with the proper precautions, fireworks can be a safe outlet.  However, Connecticut is experiencing an influx of illegal pyrotechnics.

What happens if you buy and use illegal fireworks?  What if someone gets hurt?

Practice Fireworks Safety for Everyone’s Sake

Fireworks safety becomes more difficult when illegal fireworks are involved.  Last week, NBC Connecticut reported that Hartford Police seized illegal fireworks in the capitol city.

Throughout the state, police reported receiving numerous complaints about late night fireworks.  They said the noise is disruptive to babies, the elderly, and people with PTSD.  To some, the fireworks sound like gunfire.  They also cause other dangers.

In fact, the News Channel 8 reported that a 17-month-old baby received second-degree burns from illegal fireworks.  The burns were on her eyelids and ears, possibly from falling debris.

fireworks safetyIn addition to preventing injuries, concerns about liability make fireworks safety vital.  Forbes writes that pyrotechnic injuries and fires can be a Homeowners Insurance gray area.  It all depends on the laws of your state.

In Connecticut, the only legal fireworks are fountains and sparklers that don’t explode or launch into the air.  All other fireworks are banned.

If your home, a neighbor’s property, or a person become damaged or injured by your use of fireworks, you are responsible.  In addition to possibly being arrested for using illegal fireworks, any damages or injuries cause by them may not be covered by your Homeowners Insurance.

Even if you use legal fireworks, if they are used improperly that could put your coverage in jeopardy.  Allowing under-aged individuals to use fireworks or using them in a careless manner could be seen as negligence.

Before you use fireworks this holiday, or throughout the summer, know what your Homeowners Insurance covers.  The Keating Agency is happy to go over your policy with you and make any changes.

We hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July.  And if you find yourself in a claims situation, we’re just a phone call away.

The Keating Agency is here for you.

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