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fireworksFireworks and Independence Day celebrations go together like peanut butter and jelly.

However, up until the last several years, sparklers, and various celebratory incendiaries were illegal in the state of Connecticut.

This does’t stop state residents from traveling to states with less restrictive laws.  They purchase and bring illegal Roman candles, bottle rockets, firecrackers and others back to use in Connecticut.

So, this raises the question: are claim incidents caused by illegal fireworks covered by insurance?

Illegal Activity Often Not Covered by Insurance

Currently, only sparklers and land-based fountains are legal in Connecticut.  They remain legal only when used by someone age 16 or older.

Yahoo Finance notes that July 4th is the most common day for house fires.  As many as 50% are caused by fireworks.

If your use of illegal celebratory incendiaries damages your home or property, don’t be surprised if your claim is denied.  Your Homeowners Insurance also may deny a claim if your illegal bottle rocket sets your neighbor’s house or car on fire.

fireworksThe Times Herald reports that denying to cover damage caused by illegal fireworks may be the first step.  Your insurance company may drop you if you allowed illegal activity to take place on your property.

You also face the possibility of legal actionPenalties for the possession or use of illegal fireworks range from a few hundred dollars for minor infractions to a felony if someone is injured or killed.

The independent insurance agents at the Keating Agency want you to have a happy and safe Independence Day.  We understand the excitement and allure that fireworks can add to your celebration.  However, the risks to property and personal safety may outweigh the rewards.

For 50 years, the Keating Agency has been looking out for the best interests of our friends and clients.  That is part of our commitment to you and what you hold dear.  It’s a commitment you can count on.

Contact us anytime for questions about fireworks or your Homeowners Insurance policy.

Again, have a happy and safe Independence Day!

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