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home maintenanceThe first hints of autumn have nipped the air.  This means it’s time to discuss no one’s favorite topic: Fall Home Maintenance.

Cleaning the gutters and winterizing doors and windows don’t make anyone’s list of fun things to do on the weekend.  However, it is essential to helping prevent situations that could lead to a potential claim against your Homeowners Insurance.

It’s also a good idea to review your Homeowners Insurance policy before winter’s flakes begin to fly.

Home Maintenance Protects You and Your Investment

Regular home maintenance is a precaution against damage to your home and property.  A minimum amount of it is also required by your Homeowners Insurance policy.

Finance website The Balance reports, certain claims may be denied by your insurers if the situation resulted from negligence.  If you don’t sweep your chimney and it catches fire, your insurer may say the damage is a result of your negligenceClaim denied.

This also includes expanded damage resulting from your failure to act promptly when the damaging incident occurred.  If a branch falls and damages your roof but you don’t take action to have it removed and the damaged area covered, additional damage caused by rains or wind may be blamed on you.

home maintenanceSome basic fall home maintenance from the Lansing Journal includes:

  • Inspect the condition of trees on your property
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Clean and maintain the furnace
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for damage
  • Check pipes for damage and insulate against freezing
  • Know where the water main shutoff is located.

Of course, just because it is your home doesn’t mean you have to perform all these tasks yourself.  As Bob Villa recommends, sometimes it’s worth the cost to hire it done.  No climbing on ladders or dealing with dead trees for you.

As a local, independent insurance agency for the last 50 years, the Keating Agency has been offering information and looking out for the best interest of our clients and friends.  We are now in the third generation of our family-owned business because of the honesty and quality service you have come to depend on.  Contact us any time with questions about Homeowners Insurance or any other topic you’d like to discuss.

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