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winter storm damageThis year’s winter brought storm after storm to Connecticut and showered us with snow, ice, and rain.  Unfortunately, these disturbances often result in winter storm damage to property.

Generally, Homeowners Insurance covers most property damage caused by winter storms.  However, homeowners should know what claims their policy will cover, and which ones it will not.

Contact the Keating Agency to review your policy and be certain it meets all your needs.

Winter Storm Damage Causes Homeowners Headaches

The Connecticut Post reports that Homeowners Insurance generally covers the following winter storm damage:

  • Roof collapses
  • Ice dams
  • Frozen pipes

Of course, if an adjuster determines that actions by the homeowner, or failure to maintain the property contributed to the damage, a claim could be partially or fully declined.  This includes burst pipes caused by a lack of winterization and properly heated a home.  Additionally, a roof damaged before a storm could be found to blame for a collapse.

winter storm damageKOMO News reports that, in most cases, Homeowners Insurance pays for damage when a tree falls through your roof.  However, it may not include removal of the tree stump or trees that fall on your property but do not damage structures.

On the positive side, many Homeowners Insurance policies often cover food spoilage because of power loss.  However, know the amount of coverage.  Your policy may cap how much it will pay for spoiled food.  Also, be certain to document your loss by taking pictures before you clean up.

Whatever your claim situation, know what your policy covers before submitting a claim.  As your local, independent insurance agency for more than 50 years, the Keating Agency is committed to providing you the best service possible.  This includes answering all your policy questions and, if necessary, working with you to adjust your coverage to meet your needs.

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