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Connecticut businessConnecticut businesses file a lot of paperwork with the State of Connecticut.

Multiple tax returns.  Annual reports to the Secretary of the State.

It can seem like there’s no end to the forms and payments you must make to Connecticut. One comes in the mail, you blindly fill it out and write the check.

Unfortunately, that is what scammers are counting on.

Connecticut Businesses Targeted by Filing Scam

When the Keating Agency heard this story, we knew we had to share it with you.

NBC Connecticut Channel 30 reports that a company calling itself Workplace Compliance Services sent forms to businesses throughout the state.  Citing a supposed state law, the form instructs businesses to fill out an “Annual Report Instruction Form” and send it with a payment to an address in West Hartford.

Both the Connecticut Secretary of the State and the Connecticut Attorney General said the mailing is a scam that threatens to dissolve the business if the fee isn’t paid immediately.  The scammers target small Connecticut businesses with intimidation tactics and usually ask for somewhat small amounts of money.  The hope is that the targets will simply pay without question.

Connecticut businessReporters at NBC Connecticut went to the address listed on the form.  It was a post office box at a UPS Store.  They could not learn any more information about the company renting the post office box.

Connecticut Attorney General Jepsen said the scammers frequently operate from out of state.  This makes them difficult to find or prosecute.

Jepsen recommends that businesses be vigilant when receiving solicitations, even if they look legitimate.  Business owners with questions about forms or bills they receive claiming to be from the state can contact his office.  Information can also be checked through the Secretary of the State’s Office.

The Keating Agency wants your business to succeed.  That’s why we provide information like this to help you protect your business.  We’ve been your neighbor for 50 years and we’d like to help you be around with us for another 50.  We’ve got your back.

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