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car theftsThe year 2019 started with a rash of car thefts by juveniles.  The problem continued throughout the year.  Local police issued numerous warnings to the public.

However, the problem went beyond teens taking vehicles on joyrides throughout the state.  Often, the young, inexperienced bandits crashed the cars they stole.

In fact, Channel 3 reported that one theft earlier this year resulted in the death of a Hartford man.  This happened when the teens driving the stolen car lost control of the vehicle.

So, how can you know if your car may be targeted by thieves, and what should you do?

Stop Car Thefts – Lock Your Doors!

While locking your vehicle seems like basic advice, the Greenwich Time said that police urged exactly that advice last week.  Car thieves are looking for easy targetsCar thefts don’t get much easier than unlocked cars with the keys inside.  That’s how a Mini Cooper was taken.  It was found wrecked off I-95 in Norwalk.

Even if thieves don’t steal your car, they will steal whatever valuables they find in your vehicle.  This includes loose change, wallets, electronic devices, and laptop computers.

Since Connecticut is home to many well-off communities, luxury cars might seem the most obvious targets of car thieves.  However, that is not what crime statistics report.  HotCars tells us that the Honda Accord is actually the most stolen car in the country.

car theftsThe Accord is an average-looking car with parts that are always in demand.  This makes it a car law enforcement aren’t drawn to, and one that can easily be stripped for usable parts.

While a spectacular car, the BMW 3-Series is not attractive for car thieves.  It doesn’t provide a quick score and is likely to catch the attention of police.

Obviously, thieves in Old Saybrook weren’t paying attention to this list.  Fox 61 said the Dodge Hellcat stolen near Goodwin Elementary School was equipped with technology that enabled the car to be shut down remotely.  The thieves were caught.

The Keating Agency wants to help you keep your car and other belongings safe from thieves and accidents.  We encourage you to follow the advice of local law enforcement and make certain your belongings are properly locked away.  The owner of the Hellcat acknowledged leaving the key fob allowing the higher speeds in the car.

Additionally, we believe reviewing your Auto Insurance policy to make certain you have the proper coverage is important.  Not all vehicles come with the technology that stopped the stolen Hellcat.  However, the right coverage can help to minimize any damage.  Give the Keating Agency a call and let us help you today.

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