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car theftsIn addition to COVID-19, Connecticut experienced another pandemic during the last year: car thefts.

It seems every day, news stations report on a rash of stolen cars in communities across the state.  Often, we learn that teenagers are behind the wheel, particularly when those thefts end in crashes.

Whatever the reason behind these thefts, you want to take steps to protect your property.  You also want to know that if your auto is stolen, your Auto Insurance will cover it.

Car Thefts on the Rise Nationwide

Our friends at the Insurance Information Institute (III) report that while car thefts declined in recent years, 2020 saw a dramatic increase.  Preliminary data shows an increase of more than 9% for stolen vehicles in just one year.  This is after 26 years of declines.

Yahoo Finance reports that thefts increased in 2020 despite more Americans staying home.  In fact, a car is stolen in the United States every 40 seconds.

Of course, thwarting car thieves means taking some basic safety measures including:

  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Engage car alarms
  • Use steering wheel locks
  • Remove smart keys from vehicles
  • Take advantage of tracking technology

car theftsEven when you take these precautions, car thefts may still happen.  In this case, you want to be certain your Auto Insurance will cover it.

Forbes reports that to cover car thefts, vehicle owners need to have comprehensive Auto Insurance coverage.  Some things this coverage pays for are:

  • Replacing your stolen vehicle
  • Repairs to damage caused by the theft or theft attempt
  • Replacing stolen components, like your catalytic converter

Unfortunately, if thieves steal aftermarket parts or belongings from your car, your insurance may not cover those items.  This is a reason to remove valuables, such as wallets and personal electronics from parked vehicles.

The Keating Agency has been your local, independent insurance agency for more than 50 years.  We have relationships with more than two dozen companies, which gives us the ability to tailor an Auto Insurance policy to your price and coverage needs.  Whatever questions or concerns you have, give us a call.  We are here for you.

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