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bundle of moneyThis time of year, we are used to bundling up for winter weather.  Did you know you can bundle insurance policies to keep warm?

Maybe not literally, but money you save on your insurance policies can be put toward weatherizing your home or paying your heating bill.

But how do you get the most from bundling your insurance policies?

In an article from the Huffington Post, MoneyGirlPodcast host Laura Adams offers five ways to optimize savings when bundling homeowners and auto insurance policies.

Know What a Bundle Means for You and Your Insurer

One of the reasons insurance companies like to bundle policies is that it helps develop a long-term relationship with clients.  In exchange, customers get a reduced rate on their policies.  Everybody wins!

Bring Up the Subject

While most insurance companies don’t keep the fact that they allow you to bundle policies a secret, it never hurts to ask.  Certainly, the Keating Agency is happy to work with you to bundle your policies and help you find other ways to save money on insurance.  Setting up direct payments from your bank account is another money saving measure.

Compare Different Companies’ Bundling Policies

The cost, level of service, and policy coverage will vary from company to company.  While you want to save as much money as possible, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your coverage.  The Keating Agency represents a number of the top-rated insurance companies in the nation and can help you choose the company that offer the right solution for your unique insurance needs.

Focus on Total Cost

Again, you don’t want to save a lot of money and end up with inadequate policies.  Having higher deductibles or insufficient coverage could leave you short-changed at the end of the day.  As the saying goes, you don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish.

Leverage Bundling for Future Discounts

You may only need an auto and a homeowners (or a renter’s insurance policy…or a Condo insurance policy) now, but as your needs change over the years you may need additional coverage.  You can get discounts on your new coverage when you add them to existing bundles.

We are a local, independent and progressive insurance agent because we want to help you become a better educated insurance consumer, to give you more choices and work even harder to find the right insurance solutions for you.

We believe being progressive means being open, honest and educational.  It is our sincere hope we achieve these goals with our blog topics.

Please let us know if there are any insurance topics you would like to know more about?  We’d love to hear your feedback and bring content that better serves you.

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