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homeowners InsuranceHomeowners Insurance protects your property from disasters.  However, disasters that happen because of poor home maintenance may not be covered.

Taking care of your home and tackling small problems before they create bigger problems can prevent expensive repairs or insurance claims in the future.  Many repairs you may be able to do yourself.

Regular Maintenance Compliments Homeowners Insurance

Problems that cause expensive Homeowners Insurance claims or repairs often start small.  In fact, if the insurance company can show the problem was a result of failing to maintain your home, the claim likely will be denied.

Luckily, MSN Money says many repairs you can do yourself.  These include unclogging your garbage disposal, adding insulation, and fixing a squeaky door.

Even if you are not much of a do-it-yourselfer, fixing small problems does not have to be hard.  One of the easiest fixes listed in the article is clearing your dryer vent.  Doing this on a regular basis prevents a fire that could cost much more than the price of the brush homeowners insuranceneeded to do the job.

The Alberton Record reports with many people now working from home, they notice more problems.  This also gives people the time to learn how to fix the problems before they become bigger.  This is especially important for problems not covered by Homeowners Insurance.

Some expert tips included in the article include knowing the difference between necessary and nice to have repairs.  One example of this is finding the source of a leak that is the source of a damp spot on your ceiling.  Because little leaks can cause big problems since what starts small can get worse fast.

Additionally, the article recommends seeking repair advice from how-to articles, videos, and experts at your local hardware stores.

Of course, not everyone can tackle every task.  That is one reason the Keating Agency maintains a list of trusted partners who can help.  These are businesses we know personally and believe will treat our customers fairly.

Trust is very important to the Keating Agency.  It why we have been your local, independent insurance agency for more than 50 years.  We care about our customers and our community.  We are in this together.

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